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S-Blox is a clone of the old standard, Tetris. As such, the object of the game is to complete rows of 10 consecutive blocks. Blocks are delivered in one of seven shapes. Each shape is made up of individual blocks. When a shape is placed into the last row which allows it to move, the row is checked for completeness and if it is complete, the player is rewarded with points.


The shapes available in S-Blox range in size that allow anywhere from one to four lines to be completed at a time. Each time you drop a shape onto the stack of blocks, the entire stack is evaluated for completed lines. Here is the scoring possibilities:

Number Lines Score Given
1 20
2 50
3 200
4 800

Playing the Game

To play the game, you can use either the cursor keys or A S D F keys to control the shape as follows:

Key Action
A or LEFT Move Left
S or RIGHT Move Right
D or UP Turn Shape
F or DOWN Drop Shape

Additionally, the following keys can control the gaming environment:

Key Action
F3 Slow Tune
F5 Fast Tune
F7 Quit Current Game
STOP Pause The Game

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